VPK Curriculum

Welcome to our Happyland VPK class!

Our classroom is divided into interest areas where your child has a choice of activities during the Center period of their school day.  Our room has areas for art, looking at books, listening to stories, using the puppet theater and flannel board, writing and drawing/tracing, dramatic play, toys and games (math manipulatives, puzzles, etc.), a science/discovery table and a block area.  We also use the sand/water table in addition to sensory tubs.  All of our areas have been structured so that your child can learn through meaningful play under the guidance of the staff.

During Center time, the children will work individually or in a Small Group with a teacher on specific skills or new concepts.  Activities during Small Group will work on skills such as small muscle coordination, visual discrimination, math concepts, following directions, etc.

At Circle Time, we gather together for the Pledge of Allegiance, The Daily News, Today is . . . and our study topic for the day.  This is also the time when we’ll introduce our letter/sound for the week.

A monthly calendar and parent letter will be sent home prior to the beginning of each month to let you know our letter/sound and study topic for the month, your child’s Show & Tell day, and any information about upcoming events.  Our weekly lesson plans will be posted on the school bulletin board.

“On Track” is a workbook with activities to do at home.  The activities are geared toward preparing your child for kindergarten.  Each Monday a one page, two sided paper will come home as your child’s “homework”.   Please complete the activities and return the paper on Fridays.

“Let’s Find Out” is a weekly magazine published by Scholastic. It is geared toward increasing vocabulary through nonfiction topics in seasonal science, social studies and social development topics. We will go read an issue almost every week and then send them home. The activities on the back page give the children practice with key skills. We love it when the parents do these activities with their child and then send them back to school for recognition. In addition to the “Let’s Find Out”, we will have an issue of Scholastic’s “Science Spin” and National Geographic’s Young Explorer.

Show and Tell is an important part of the preschool experience and every child is assigned his/her special day to bring Show & Tell.  Please check the monthly calendar for your child’s date.  Please limit your child to one item.

The Happyland Bear is our special ambassador to the community.  Our bear leads an exciting life by accompanying your child to wherever and by doing whatever your child does.  When the Bear returns to school, your child gets to tell the class about their adventures together.  The child chosen to take the Bear home is chosen randomly until everyone has had a turn.  Once everyone has had a turn, all the names are returned to the “hat” to start again.  The Bear will go home on Fridays and should be returned the following Monday.

The Letter Bucket is a great way of enforcing our letter sounds.  Each child will get one turn to take the Letter Bucket home.  When it is your child’s turn, please help them to fill the bucket with items from around your house that begin with that weeks’ letter.

The VIP is chosen (alphabetically) each day to be the morning leader for that day.  The child holds the flag, helps with morning routine and has other jobs that encourage self confidence and verbalization skills in a group situation.

Each child will have an opportunity to be the Star of the Week.  When it is your child’s turn you will be asked to fill out short questionnaire for your child and to send in some photos.  The photos can be family, pets, baby photos, or any photos your child would like to share. The Star of the Week is the leader for the afternoon for that week.

Music Appreciation is when children will learn the instrument names, the musical family to which the instrument belongs, and they will be exposed to a wide variety of quality music.

Happyland Shirts are worn on all field trips.  The VPK class also wears their Happyland shirt every Friday.