School Policies

Please let us know if you child will be absent from school.  A phone call or note is greatly appreciated.

Parents are required to sign children in and out every day.  VPK parents are also required to sign a separate form at the end of each month verifying attendance.

Please dress your children for playing on the playground.  Athletic shoes with socks are strongly recommended.  Closed toe shoes are required.  This is a safety issue.

Birthday Invitations
We will pass out birthday invitations if the entire class, all boys, or all girls are invited.

Birthday Parties
We will celebrate your child’s birthday on the closest school day to the actual date. If you would like to send a special treat to share with the class, please inform us of your plans. Due to food allergies and stricter state rules, NO FOOD treats will be given out for birthdays. Summer birthdays are usually celebrated the last week of school.

Book Orders
Happyland receives points for free books for every order.  Please make check payable toScholastic.

Carpools – Pick up/Drop off
Written permission is required for all those transporting your child from school. Please send a note if someone other than a parent is taking your child home. We must have this information to protect your child. Please list any one who has permission to pick up your child on the back of your registration form.

When picking-up or dropping off, please pull up to the front doors. If you are coming in, please pull off and park.

If you are using your cell phone – please pull off and park. For safety reasons – no cell phone use while in the driveway.

Children must be buckled before pulling off of Happyland property. If your child does not have a proper car seat as required by state law, the teachers will not bring your child out at the end of the day. You will need to park and come in to pick your child up.

Field Trips
We hope to take several field trips during the course of the year.  We will need volunteers for transportation and assistance on these trips.  Happyland T-shirts must be worn on all field trips.  Siblings may not go on field trips if you are a chaperone.

Holiday Parties
We ask that each mother and/or father sign up to assist with one party.  The party chairperson will contact you with details prior to the party.
Halloween – The children are encouraged to wear costumes to the Halloween Party.  Parents are urged to select a costume that is “cute” rather than “scary”.  We appreciate your assistance in keeping this a fun day for the children.  NO MASKS, PLEASE!
Christmas – Pictures will be taken with Santa, so this is a good day for the children to “dress-up”.  Parents are encouraged to participate in this special holiday event.
Valentine’s Day – Children will pass out valentines to each of their classmates.
Easter – Easter will be celebrated with a party including a visit from the Easter Bunny.

Please do not send your child to school if your child has a fever over 100°F, has vomited or had diarrhea in the past 24 hours, has severe coughing, or has pink eye. If your child exhibits any of these symptoms at school, we will contact you to pick up your child. Your child must be fever free for 24 hours (without fever reducing medication) before returning to school.

If your child requires medication while at school, you must fill out the proper form.  The medication must be in the original container and can not be expired.  Inhalers are included in this category.

Required Records
We are required to keep a copy of your child’s Florida Immunization Record and a Physical on file. Immunization records are “good” until the expiration date printed at the bottom of the form. Once it expires, we will require a new one. Immunization records generally expire when your child is due for additional shots. Physicals are good for 2 years from the date they were completed.

Snacks and Lunch
All children will need to bring a snack, lunch, and drink each day. We encourage healthy nutritious foods for both snack and lunch. Children will be encouraged to eat their healthy food before any “junk” food. Please no Go-gurts, juice boxes, or juice pouches. Drink bottles that can be closed and refilled are preferred. Please label your child’s lunch box and drink bottle with their name.
If your child has food allergies, please be sure that you have notated that on the registration form. Allergies will be posted for the staff. Any allergies will be treated on an individual basis depending on what the allergies are and their severity. A plan for your child’s safety will be discussed with you.