Preschool childrenResearch has shown that a lot of key learning takes place before the age of five. That’s why a quality preschool like Happyland is so important. At Happyland we believe in teaching children the joy of learning by showing them love and encouragement. We accomplish this by providing an age-appropriate environment, age-appropriate curriculum, and loving well trained teachers. Our classroom and programs will encourage your children to interact, explore, and learn. We want your children to learn and to feel good about themselves.


Happyland strives to continue to improve our staff, facilities, and programs. The staff is required to attend classes and seminars every year to keep up on the latest methods in early childhood development. The classroom and playground are maintained and improved on a regular basis. The teachers and the programs are evaluated by the director every year. The director helps out in the classroom on a daily basis.


Happyland has a highly qualified staff. The director holds an Advanced Level of the Florida Director’s Credential, a CPA Education Equivalent, and a Bachelor’s Degree. All of the teaching staff hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood or Elementary Education. All staff have CPA’s or CPA Educational Equivalent’s. Staff has been trained in CPR and First Aid.


Happyland offers a large classroom setup in educational centers. We also have a playground that is sure to engage your child’s large motor skills. The playground has climbing, sliding, swinging , riding, sandbox, basketball hoop and much more.


Our program teaches essential reading, math, science, writing, and social skills. The program begins with the “Three Year Old Class” and continues in the “Four Year Old Class” to prepare your child for kindergarten and years to come. Lessons are taught using monthly and weekly themes. The four-year-old program will study a different letter each week. The three-year-old class is taught reading readiness through rhyming, songs, storytime, phonetic awareness, and name recognition.

Calendars and weather charting help teach some of the foundations of math. Numerous exercises help your child to count and recognize their numbers. Hands-on activities help teach math and science concepts.

Art, music, and dramatic play are an important part of teaching your children important skills. Show and Tell gives your child an opportunity to speak in front of the class.

The Director

Cindy Zimmermann has been the director of Happyland Preschool since 2003. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Dayton. She has been married for 25 years to Stephen Zimmermann and they have 5 children.